Mission Driven Cardano Pool

We believe in decentralization

Our goal is to contribute to this idea by offering our users 0% staking fee and helping our fellow human beings by doing charities.

Ticker: ZORBA

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Server Location

Our servers are located in tree Datacenters with the maximum possible security and performance. 99.9% uptime is ensured by the High end technology of the servers, the Datacenter and the infrastructure.

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Our Team

With over 20 years of experience in the field of Internet and network technology, our team has created a unique pool that emphasizes in the mission and proper operation.

Our contribution

We are proud that you give us the opportunity to offer 20% of our winnings to the Smile of the Child.
The Smile of the Child is a well-known organization in Greece that helps children of all nationalities. Specifically, it deals with the prevention of violence and the disappearance of children, while it deals with children who have health problems or who live in a state of poverty.

pool servers
24/7 support

Cardano Single Pool Alliance

Cardano's decentralization is the sole goal of the Single Pool Alliance, of which we are proud to be members. We and the other members of the SPA we are committed to operating exclusively only one Pool.

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